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Only 11% of those that addicted to drugs or alcohol actually receive treatment or help. We are here to help the 89%.

Innovation in every Area

Part of what Seeds of Eden brings is innovation to every area of what we do. Through this, we are able to more effectively help people get reestablished in the community

Growth in Multiple areas

If you focus on one area it may grow, but in order to be effective multiple areas of life must grow together. Our approach helps make that happen.

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Seeds of Eden exists to provide support to those who are struggling with addictions and other situations that have derailed life rendering them feeling hopeless. Seeds of Eden provides a comprehensive plan to help overcome the addiction through a proven process and then providing life coaching to create a new life filled with success and a future. 

Our Causes

What We Do

Seeds of Eden provides a unique solution to helping individuals overcome addiction and other vices that have stopped growth in their life. With an experienced team that has overcome many of these same problems, we have created a program that will help others overcome as well.


Growth Environment Housing


Healthy Employment Opportunities


Mentorship for a life of discipline


leadership training


Life and Business coaching

FOuneded in 2022

Planting, Building, Reviving

Founded in 2022 by Mandan local, Brian Cassiday, Seeds of Eden hopes to model the way for recovery housing, economic growth, leadership, and productivity for at-risk populace and young adults. As your neighbor, we are taking a special interest in helping your community and home thrive. Washburn, ND is a beautiful town. Why not preserve and build upon what is already here?!

With the help of other community services and goverment entities, we stand united against drug overdoses, homelessness, and threats against our citizens.

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We quickly respond to any inquiries to ensure that you get help quickly

Begin your road to recovery

Our program will help you as you begin your path to recovery. 

Our Process

Start your path to a new life

We have refined our process to be as simple yet powerful as possible. With a dedicated coach you will have the support you need to make the change necessary to begin your journey on a new path to a new life.